Monday, September 27, 2010

well its that time again

Well tomorrow is my cd 21 follow up, any other time I would be ecstatic to see what they said. I would be telling the doctor I found the perfect day, and Ive been nauseous, could it be PG!?!? or is it just because I ovulated. Well not this time, I get to drive all the way to Brookwood at 7 am just for them to poke and probe and tell me what I already know... Im not PG and I didn't ovulate. Oh well I know it could be worse and its just "not my time" so you don't have to tell me*insert sarcasm here*. I also found a song that absolutely tells how I feel. It is " I would die for that" by Kellie Coffey. It is such a powerful song that really spoke to me this morning.  I have to say the tattoo I got last week has really come in use this week. I can honestly say its a wonderful reminder of what we have been through and what is to come. I am very happy with it, and its has already served its purpose well!

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