Friday, September 24, 2010

sometimes it gets overwhelming....

So today is CD 17 and last month CD 16 was the "day". Well this month it was not! I am not sure if I am going to be a day later or not. I am new to all this so this I just assumed that it would be around the same.. Oh well. It gets so overwhelming because everyone says don't worry bout, don't think about it, have fun, well its kinda hard to do any of these when you are having to track everything you do. Here in the past week I have heard of a pregnancy everyday! I mean dang I think when it rains it pours.. LOL I was really hoping this month would be the month for us not just because we have been dealing with IF for so long but there would be a special due date. My uncle died 8 years ago on June 14, my birthday is June 15, and the due date would be roughly between June 12-17. I just thought you it would have been a happy time for us and my family for once around that time of the year.

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