Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I think Im in love... ok not literally but kinda close

So last month was our first round of clomid. This is month two and when you are prescribed an IF drug there are things that come with it. You can't just forget about pregnancy and "hope " it works, As much as I wish this was true it isnt. So some of things include tracking your cycles, ovualtion testing, temp. checks. bloodwork, etc. I used the First Response Ovulation tests last month. I loved how they had so many in a bag considering you pay $50.00 for something that could help or not help but thats beside the point. All we wanted was that postitive ovulation, if we could just get that we would be happy for the month. Well we did, I was so excited just to be normal, for once I did something I had never done and that was a great feeling. What I hated about the test was that the resembled pregnancy test so much, They are just like a pg test, they have two pink lines and when both lines are the brightest then you are ovulating. Well when you are going through IF and KNOW that you may NEVER get two pink lines it is hard to look at them for two weeks then go right back to one line on the BFN pg test! So we have boycotted First Response (LOL) and I have found a new love by the name of Clear Blue DIGITAL Ovulation Test. It is so easy and it is either a smiley face if you are ovulating and if not then its just a circle. It has been a much easier thing to do this month.

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  1. God bless you and Heath for your faith. And kudos for sharing your thoughts and feelings, and especially your knowledge. First Response needs to get a clue!