Monday, September 20, 2010

CD 13

Well Today is cd 13.  I am due for ovualtion any day now. Last month it was on day 16 but with this being so sparatic all the time I never know I just basically have to test everyday 2 times just to make sure I dont miss the big moment! Infertlity meds have pretty rough side effects, I have had really bad headaches and hot flashes. Last month I just had hot flashes and nausea. I am glad to be rid of the nausea but man these headaches are pretty intense. I go to the doctor to have my progesterone levels checked on CD 21, which completely messes up my schedule because I have to drive all the way to Brookwood at 8 am  then come back to work! But on a better note I think I could have completely lost my mind today.. LOL  I just went spur of the moment and got a tattoo! I love it though I got "FAITH" in Hebrew. I chose it because everytime I look at it I think about Gods plan for our lives and how we are living on 'Faith alone' right now which is were I got my blog name. I asked Heath if I could tell the doctor one of my side effects this month was getting a tattoo! LOL

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  1. Love you Patti. Praying for you guys every day.