Monday, October 18, 2010

happy wife.. happy life hehe

Well I am only on cd 7 and I am so ready for this one to end. Not because I don't feel good, or because Im tired of all this (although Iam) I have a reallllly good feeling about this month! For the past few months I have been so upset if someone says, "maybe this is the month" all I could think is how dare you, you have no idea whats its like to dread going to the bathroom! LOL But I think I have come to the conclusion- What do I have to lose???? Why not be happy and look forward to it for a few months. It still hurts at the end of the month but for the first few weeks to be happy, its worth it! So I have to start testing today, with the stupid ovulation tests that I boycotted! I was in Walmart and I couldn't find our new best friend (Clear Blue digital). I found first response and on the top it said DIGITAL! So being naive and not reading I got it, come to find out it was just a coupon for a digital PG test so its still the same old test that I hate.

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