Sunday, March 3, 2013

And on the night, they found a miracle

So many know the story of  my sweet Gunner's arrival into the world and many don't. As I have said before God gave me a testimony and I feel like I am supposed to tell it. With that being said I will tell you a little story of how we stumbled upon a miracle.

Lets start with June 24,2012. It was a normal day, we had breakfast with some friends, did some shopping and planned to have a "lazy day".  It was around 3 pm and I saw on facebook where a friend was in labor. I was also having horrible pains which I was assuming was my endometriosis acting up. I was so sad, we were sitting there childless, in pain at that while everyone around us was having babies. I went to bed that night with such a heavy heart, I was so broken down and honestly did not know if I could stand the pain anymore. I realized my marriage was failing, my body was failing, and there was not a thing I could do about it. Then I remembered I couldn't but God could. It had beeen a long time since God and I were on civil speaking terms. I prayed so hard that night, I apologized mainly for being such a brat when I was indeed blessed and was choosing not to see that. I prayed for God to heal my heart, take the pain, and bless us with a child IN HIS TIME. I gave it away, for the first time in a long time I gave it up and let it go. I was so tired, I was so weak, I knew I couldn't continue this heart wrenching journey. I went to bed more peacefully than I ever had before. The next morning Heath got up extremely early. It alarmed me and he said he was just going to water the flowers and have some "me" time.  Around 8:30 I woke up for the day and recieved a message from a family friend. It read please call ASAP. I immediately assumed the worst and was honestly scared to call. I called anyways, I can remember standing in my living room when the other line picked up. I was a nervous wreck already and she said" I don't really know how to say this but are you intresting in adopting"? I was taken back for a second, really not sure how to answer. I said "Of course we are intrested but we don't really have the income right now and I am a little confused". She went on to tell me of a little boy who was needing a home, he was only a day old and was completely heatlhy and unexpected.
I immediately went into tears, I explained I needed to speak with Heath but we were very interested. I called my mom, she was in such shock she couldn't believe what I was saying, I called my mother in law and all she could do was cry. I was patiently waiting on Heath to call me on his morning break. He called, I of course could not stop the water works, he said we would need to talk about this when he got home because this was not a rash decision to be made. I recieved another phone call from the family friend wanting to know if I wanted to meet the baby and birth mother. I thought about it and headed to the hospital. Heath had no idea I had went to meet our son, he thought I would be waiting on him at home. The moment I held Gunner he was mine. I had an immediate bond that I knew was only between a momma and a baby. Heath called in the middle of this "bonding" time. He was sorta mad at first, he couldn't believe that I had went without him and was scared that this was to good to be true. Heath came to the hospital and knew the moment he held him that we were taking him home. That night we were put in our own room and was holding our baby boy, a family completed. That night Heath told me, "remember when I told you I was watering flowers? I was actually praying, praying for a baby". It hit me all at once, God had answered my prayer, the prayer I had prayed only one night before. That is the kind of God I serve. As a christian I know that there will be heartache and things will not always be rosy, but God makes all the trials well worth it. If it wasn't for the rain, we could not appreciate the rainbow. There is no greater peace than after a storm. I am so thankful God never gave up on me, he never treated me the way I treated him, and he loved me through it. So as you can see, we have us a miracle.

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